Feri Is...2008
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Feri Is…
Wild ecstasy,
The fear that comes from being free,
Blue Fire, The power within.
Feri is willing surrender
With never giving over your power.
Feri is the knowledge of self,
Of the world, of me.
© Aradian

Feri Is…
Floating eagled vista visions
Enraptured flamed twined collisions
Rip tided birth of many Forms
Inside seeds roots shoots and black thorns
Invoked stellar wheeled Aires above
Stirring welled deep red lusts of Love
I passionately kiss Her, my Shining One
© Ed Novem Grey

Feri is…
The winding road through the gates of twilight
Where the fierce follow the drum of heart's desire
Into that shadowed land, seeking by soul's light.
And Feri is the soul's forge, incandescence that the Gods ignite:
Till you, the witch, a weapon forged with holy fire,
Soul tempered, drenched in the luminous sea of night
Arise with radiant heart, your immaculate birthright.
© Morpheus

Feri Is…
tinkling of bells on a half moon night
standing at the crossroads of shadow and light
the host is riding
the hunt is nigh
"Draw cold steel
and look to your eyes"
© Will Castle