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DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose CA
Feb. 17-20
Vending and workshops

Many Gods West
Hotel RL, Olympia WA

Anaar will be in Europe from Aug. 18-Sept. 6

Isis Oasis, Geyservile CA


Here is the current list of weekend workshops that I offer. If you would like to book me for one of these weekends, email for specifications.

Feri and the Deity: The Great Unfolding

“ All the Gods are Feri Gods.” Victor Anderson
Explore the mysteries of the Star Goddess and Her Great Unfolding in trance, myth and art play. In this workshop, we will trace the birthing of the Star Goddess to the Feri Triple Goddess: Nimue, Mari and Anna.

Feri and The Deity: The Divine Twins

Where Shadow is Light, and Light is Shadow. Through lore, visual presentations and art play, we will visit the mystery, paradox and radical holism that are the Twins.

Etheric Anatomy

The strengthening and development of the Triple Soul is at the core of Feri practice. In this workshop, we will learn the use of etheric vision to explore the subtle anatomy of the human being. Through theory and art play, we will make strong connections to each part and learn how to develop them.

Mana, Kala and HA

The acquisition of Feri power, purity and ceremony. In this workshop, we will train the Triple Soul to raise, store and release mana, power. We will explore how mana becomes obstructed and perform the Feri rite of cleansing, removing such obstructions.

The Copper Decagram

The Feri tool of Balance and Liberty. This is a simple and direct workshop in which we will work with the Iron and Pearl Pentacles. By exploring it’s fundamental symbolic nature, we will balance the Pentacles to access Liberty in the Copper Decagram.